Stephen Leonard elected as Cambridge men’s 2019 captain

05 Feb 2019

Stephen Leonard (Emmanuel, Medicine) has been elected as Men’s Captain for the 2019 Varsity Campaign. Stephen will be commencing a PhD in Medicine next year and has previously played for the U20s and LXs club. He was on the bench in 2015 and received his first Blue in the 2017 Victory, starting again as blindside flanker in 2018.

The 22-year-old was chosen by his peers to succeed Nick Koster and lead the Light Blues into the 2019 Varsity Match in December.

And Leonard believes that the experience of the 38-16 defeat to Oxford last December could help drive the squad. Speaking to the Cambridge Independent he said:

“There is no beating around the bush, no-one is happy with what happened in December but we’re actually in a very privileged position because we hopefully have 16 returning Blues next year which is actually pretty unheard of,” said the medical student.

“A lot of those guys this time last year weren’t really being looked at for the Blues squad whatsoever and because of the great work, largely by Kossie [Nick Koster], we actually now have a group of guys who are very talented and are very driven.

Stephen Leonard in actions versus Micky Steele Bodger XV

“I think that loss will just mean that everyone is going to work even harder and be more desperate to get into a better place for next year.”

He added: “I look at it as being very lucky to take over a group of guys with really good experience and hopefully now unbelievable desire.”

Leonard will be supported by his recently appointed Secretaries, Rowan Beckett (Peterhouse, Medicine) and Elliott Baines (Peterhouse, Medicine), both of whom won their first Blues at Twickenham in December.

The Varsity Match 2019 has been confirmed for Thursday 12 December at Twickenham Stadium.

Fans wishing to attend this year’s women’s and men’s Varsity Matches can still get tickets at 2018’s early bird prices for a limited time only. Adult tickets are available from £20/£40, students from £15 and juniors from £10.

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